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Late last night I learned there is a kickstarter for a film about fandom and from the sound of it, I think it could be a whole lot of fun and hopefully it will be because I just realized I pledged slightly more than half of my monthly allowance to the project. The film concerns a fictional buddy cop show called Bay City. If you're interested in backing it, or just learning more, here's a link to the kickstarter page:

If This is Wrong: A Film About Fandom.

p.s. You can tell I'm excited just by looking at that run-on sentence in the first paragraph!
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If any of you have some extra cash burning a hole in your pocket, please consider making a donation to the fundraiser for Bast at fundrazr. Thank you.
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The site for Lookout Guardians is now up and running:
We help you collect and record the information and pictures necessary for instant action if your pet should ever become lost.
Right now only about 2% of lost cats and 17% of lost dogs ever get home. They deserve better. By creating a rapid email network among the neighbors where the pet is believed to be lost, we can dramatically enhance the chances of our pets getting home safe and sound with out really interfering with folks' daily activities.
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Saw this on the BGG2WL this morning:

O Magazine Answers: How Different Is Barbie From The Average Woman?. The neck is what really got me.
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To bid, go here:

I've set the opening bid at $25 and the auction will close at midnight on July 7th.

Even if you have no interest in bidding, please boost the signal. Someone hinted that if savemia auctions get picked up on twitter it should help -- but I'm old and have no idea how to send a tweet.
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To bid, go here:

I've set the opening bid at $25.00. Winning bidder pays for shipping and insurance (approx. $15.00).
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Interested in helping out a fellow human and her little girl? In buying handmade items or services donated as part of the fundraiser? Check out

I plan to put a few hand-knit items up for auction later this week.
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If only I didn't own too many t-shirts already. Or already have more than I need in the way of coffee mugs, mouse pads, and pins I don't wear.


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