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Jun. 7th, 2017 10:04 am
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Actually, I took some after pictures but it was dusk when I so and the photos came out too dark to be informative. Not that I made great progress; on the other side of the garage I cleared maybe two feet of what is supposed to be a pathway. And my original objective was to clear the path from the south side of the garage to the compost bins. I'm something like twelve or fifteen feet short of that goal. I have already filled six large paper compost/yard waste bags with what I pulled and I'm sure I will end up using more than twice that number. Now if only I could get myself out there to work on it. I didn't do any yard work last night (we stayed late at work) and tonight I need to wash & dry the sheets. I'm also not thrilled with the idea of being out there alone; Monday night I fell while yanking down grapevine (which had worked it way up to the top of a tree) and I found it really difficult to get back up to my feet. I ended up crawling to one of the patio chairs and using that to lever myself back up. I wasn't injured in the fall as the plant I landed on gave up its life to protect me.

The white flowers in the small pictures are, I believe, mock orange. The yard behind the garage (which is where the patio lives) is supposed to be all native plants. I don't know where the mock orange came from as it is not native from Michigan. I'm ambivalent about cutting it down. On the one hand it doesn't belong there, on the other it is a rather attractive shrub and the flowers smell fantastic.

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It looks very lush and healthy, I must say. Hugs and sympathy to you for your hard work and please be careful. Falls scare me.


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