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May. 24th, 2017 12:16 pm
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I'm a bit burnt out on Ingress at the moment. Many days filled with work followed by tons of walking did me in. Wednesday after work we walked downtown Clawson and stopped in at Moose Winooski's (a bar) for dinner. I had this jalapeno burger that was so good immediately after consuming it I wished I could order another. I didn't but only because I'm already fat and I don't want to make the problem worse. On Thursday, after work, we walked all over downtown Rochester, including along the river behind the public library. If I'd ever been there before I have no recall. It is very pretty though and I wouldn't mind visiting again. After work on Friday we drove over to Ferndale and walked Nine Mile until I earned my new badge. We kept going until the rain started falling down in earnest. On Saturday we got up early by our standards and went to the zoo and played the back end. It was either green or ghosts when we arrived and we played for a good hour or so before we got into portal contention with a player on the green team. But [ profile] jebra got his badge before the big rainstorm began (right on schedule too -- the forecast called for rain at 4 pm and it started coming down at 3:59). We hustled out to the car and then went to eat. Funnily enough I can't remember what we went other than it was somewhere we haven't been in a while and it was more expensive than I expected. I keep thinking it was a Thai place -- now I remember, it was Siam Spicy. I had the sweet and sour which was delicious but boy oh boy was my blood sugar high the next morning.

Sunday was laundry and time on my exercise bike and [ profile] jebra went to a memorial potluck for one of his friends and then picked up groceries for the house. When he came home we went out for a walk as the weather was nice and I felt like some fresh air would do me good.

Monday and Tuesday were unremarkable -- worked followed by more laundry, exercise biking, then shower & getting ready for bed.

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