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Feb. 22nd, 2017 04:00 pm
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Work last week was stressful as we're upgrading our security systems and we're running into software incompatibilities. I thought at one point we'd have to cancel our plans for the weekend because [ profile] jebra would need to be logged in all weekend. It was *almost* that bad but instead of cancelling out he took one of his computers with him to Saturday's International Potluck and kept working while he ate and conversed with friends.

On Sunday he took a long break from work and we went to the zoo with another couple, our friends Bill & Renee. The weather was unusually warm for February and we were not the only people who had this idea. All of the parking lots and decks were completely full, to the point where folks were parking on the grass alongside the fence. The only time I've known it to be worse is at Easter, when the zoo hosts its Easter Egg Roll.

So far this week at work is proving to be calmer, not that I have escaped from aggravation. First I had to fill out a survey from Blue Cross Blue Shield that made me answer questions to which they must already know the answer ("What type of BCBS insurance do you have?") It isn't as if this was a completely blank form — most of our company information was pre-filled.

Then there was trying to make a rental car reservation for Friday. I registered for an online account and filled in all the answers, only to realize when I was done that there was no way to specify I needed the "We'll pick you up!" part of the Enterprise experience. So I called and spoke with one of their reps, who said there was no way to do that myself online and, if I had gone through and approved the order, I'd have to cancel it and place a new one with her (there's no way for her to modify a reservation placed on the internet).

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