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Jan. 11th, 2017 02:22 pm
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[ profile] jebra went off to work Magfest a week ago today, so I was on my own from then until late Monday night. I went to work, had my allergy shot, and other than that stayed within two or three miles of our house. I tried to clean the house while he was gone and although I spent more than few hours at it, there was no visible difference when he returned. Come to think of it, even though I removed certain items from the house the fact that they are now missing isn't really apparent either. Like the spot where our little Gargoyle Fountain sat on the kitchen counter -- the space is now covered by whatever had been piled on top of the fountain. But progress is progress and I'm happy for the little that was made.

I also watched a bunch of recorded stuff while he was away, and worked on my cat beds at the same time. I've finished three more beds and hope to knock out another after work tonight.

I wanted to tell y'all about the movie I caught on viceland over the weekend but my memory has failed me once again. I know it was on viceland, I know it was a documentary recorded by a Jewish guy who had black housekeeper that moved with them from wherever they started to New York and it was also about racism and prisons and genocide and history. It was interesting and obviously I'm still thinking about it, but heck if I can any trace of it on viceland's webpages nor through google. I think the title was something like "Our housekeeper's Son." I'm going to keep an eye out for it as I'd like to recommend the film if you like to think about racism and equality.

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