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The weekend = 48 hours, and I spent 24 of them asleep. I needed it, so this isn't a complaint. I am also almost caught up on laundry and we got to see family ([ profile] jebra's cousin had a combination 40th birthday/Halloween party, at which we saw the cousin, his wife, their two girls, his brother and his two sons, plus my sister-in-law and her husband. Good times).

Last Monday I planted seven varieties of basil in work's aerogarden. All seven have now sprouted and I expect I will be able to remove their hats (the little see-through greenhouse cap things) later this weekend. Pizza with fresh basil will not be far off.

Tomorrow I plan to go to the post office to mail packages. I've been putting off the trip (due to sheer laziness) for two weeks so I'm glad to be making progress. (Today I printed off the shipping label for my package. I haven't received the information for the other one yet.)

I took a week and a half off from Nia. I know I need the exercise, but last Tuesday I was having problems with vertigo (thanks to whatever allergens were floating around in the air) and on Saturday I was in dire need of sleep. I'm also continuing to have problems with the, um, metaphysical beliefs that accompany Nia. I don't exactly believe in chi and I definitely do not believe in the seven chakras or in the ability of my middle finger to allow me to achieve balance. I wish there was a Nia-like fitness program for skeptics as I am honestly quite concerned that continued exposure to people who embrace the metaphysical side of Nia (and who I otherwise respect) will weaken my already tenuous grasp of what is real.

Also, things like this:

51 | Power Finger Crossover
Crossing your Power Finger will bring you more than good luck!

Practicing the Power Finger Crossover helps you extend energy along your arm bones and out through your hands. This will also keep your neck and shoulders relaxed.

piss me off. That is not science! (Quoted from

The metaphysical part has troubled me pretty much since I started taking classes (although my teacher does seems to be mentioning that part more and more). In the last few weeks I've also taken a dislike to the routine we are currently doing. It is one of the new ones, not one of the original routines worked out by Carlos and Debbie Rosas, and it is much faster than than the older routines. What concerns me the most is that it is choreographed with sudden changes of head elevation. I had a conversation with one of the attendees at the most recent Jam as we were walking to the parking lot afterward, and she was telling me that she refused to quickly bend over/drop her head lower than her waist after getting her heart-rate up out of fear of instigating a stoke. This made sense to me and, when I later learned that these new routines are being developed by Debbie and those in her inner circle, it only furthered my concern. From what I've seen, earning a black belt in Nia does not require any scientifically proven knowledge concern how the body works, and the new routines may have been developed without any thought about the potential to harm practitioners who are less fit than the instructors themselves.

In happier news, on Saturday I not only managed to pay a visit to the Animal Welfare Society of Southeastern Michigan to donate eight cat beds, I managed to leave without adopting any new animals. Even though there were four adorable 5-week old puppies ready to be adopted. If you're local to Oakland County (Michigan), the AWS is a great place to look for dogs and cats. (Also, [ profile] icyfeetofdeath, I used up all of the acrylic yarn you gave me making them.)
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Kiss of the Spider Woman tonight at the Baldwin. I have no idea how I'm going to react to this production. [ profile] jebra is concerned I'm going to end up depressed and up half the night. I'm worried too, but the musical won a boatload of awards and I'm wondering if I should see it on those grounds alone. Not to mention we've already spend the money.

In knitting news, I finished my 4th Jayne Hat of 2012 on the way to work this morning.

In Nia news, my main teacher has come down with the flu. Jean will be substituting tomorrow morning. I set the alarm to get up and go to class but if Kiss bums me out, I may blow off going.

In con-going news, we were at Epic ConFusion last weekend. I spent some time at Bill Roper's table in the hucksters room and came away with a handful of CDs. Leslie Fish's Lock and Load is pretty good but the songs tend to make me feel a bit depressed. Roper told us we should get Play It With Moxie and he was so right. It's my favorite of the new music. Second place is Bedlam Bards' On the Drift, music inspired by Firefly and Serenity. I'm less impressed with their new album with Marc Gunn, Firefly Drinking Songs.
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On January 1st I saw that [personal profile] dglenn used one of my quotes. This morning I see one of my friends is on cheezburger.

Which reminds me, a video I'm in was posted to youtube -- -- I'm the fat chick briefly interviewed at the 38 second mark.

Tomorrow we're going to The Ark for this group's performance.
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A few minutes ago I put down my yarn needle and scissors, having just finished the ninth of the nine hats in the current batch of Jayne Hats for the Austin Browncoats. This brings my 2011 Jayne Hat count to 46 -- I was aiming to misbehave for 52 hats this year. If more yarn arrives before the 15th of December, I think I'll be able to make my goal.

The scarf count is holding steady at 55 for the National World War II Museum, 3 for the Red Scarf Project, and 1 on the needles for a friend.

As for the Fancy Filigree Bookmark I'm supposed to be crocheting for a friend's Secret Sister, well, that's going with me to Knitting Club on Saturday. Hopefully there'll be someone there who can help me make sense of the pattern. I figured out how to make a Chubby Cluster, but Round 1's turn work 90 degrees and... defeated me. I have no idea where I'm supposed to stick my crochet hook after the turn.

Saturday's Nia may be interesting as well. The Detroit Nia teachers are being filmed for a video and the videographer is supposed to be at class again on Saturday. I met him two Tuesdays ago, when he filmed us for the first time. I thought I was dancing well that day, so I didn't mind being filmed, but I was very glad for what I was wearing as I thought I looked less tubby than usual. Amazing what wearing light sweatpants in my actual size does for my figure.
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Yesterday [ profile] jebra and I celebrated our 25th Wedding Anniversary by going into work late, shopping for computer peripherals at Micro Center, getting lunch (and a Red Velvet Cake) from Walmart, leaving work early and picking up our "real" anniversary cake and an additional Carrot Cake from Costco, having dinner at Wendy's, and the going to band rehearsal. After rehearsal we (well, [ profile] jebra really -- I was afraid I'd get in the way and migrated to the back of the room) served cake to his conductor and band-mates. I had a slice of the Red Velvet cake at lunch, and then a slice of each of the others after practice. And woke up with one hell of a tummy ache. Serves me right, if you ask me.

Today at work I'm reinstalling Ubuntu 10.04.3 on my work machine and GoBook. Not that we got here on time -- before work I repotted the rosemary as it needs to come indoors for the winter (hopefully it'll survive in the unheated but sunny vestibule at work. If any of you know better, speak up!) and went to our polling place to vote on local elections.

Tonight, if all goes well, will be Nia. It wasn't on Saturday; our teacher's car broke and she couldn't find a last-minute substitute teacher.

I'm sure I'm forgetting to mention all sorts of stuff, but it's time to get back to un-upgrading.
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Lots of stuff on my mind, but now that I've sat down to type, I can't list them. Figures.

I did call my sleep doctor for an appointment. Eight hours of sleep seems an unreasonable total for three nights. *sigh* First available appointment is on August 2nd. I'm overdue for the appointment. I thought I was supposed to show up every two years. Nope, once a year, and I haven't been in since February 2010. And the practice moved to a new location. Good thing they told me or I would have gone to the old place.

Last night Jean taught Nia and OMG it rocked. She's taught a mashup of Sanjana, which she's calling Sanjanarama. It seriously kicked my ass but it was lots of fun. And I'm still grinning that I got to dance to Frankie Goes to Hollywood's Relax. I *love* that song -- it's track one of the wakeup music Jebra plays for us when we're on vacation.

I've stolen the Sanjamarama playlist from Jean's fb page and reproduced it below:

1. Earth Song (remastered)- Michael Jackson
2. Aftermath-Adam Lambert
3. Stay Human (All the Freaky People)-Michael Franti
4. Relax (New York Mix)-Frankie Goes to Hollywood
5. Aya Benzer-Mustafa Sandal
6. Say it Right-Nelly Furtado
7. Hips Don't Lie-Shakira
8. Am I the One?-Solovox (Just love it too much)
9. Minimba (ditto)
10. On the Couch- Prince

Last Saturday (that seems so long ago already), I had Nia in the morning, met with my knitting group in the afternoon, and toured i3 Detroit in the evening. Very cool place and if I can figure out how to squeeze hanging out there into my schedule, I'm going to join.

Lastly, I've been mainlining episodes of Midsomer Murders. Not only do I enjoy the series, but with our neighbor's tree in full leaf, the only channels I get (and unreliably at that) are the local ones. No Closer for me. *sigh* On the other hand, I managed to watch 32 out of the 33 episodes comprising Series Four through Nine in the past two and a half week -- plus two Special Features about the series. In that time I've also finished and sent off ten scarves to the National World War II Museum and seven Jayne Hats to the Austin Browncoats.
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I have no idea where the past couple of weeks have gone. I remember where I was last night though -- Jebra was a guest percussionist with the Orchard Lake Philharmonic Society and I went with him to the final performance of the season. Afterwards we went out for dinner with another couple. First we tried going to Camilia's Mexican Grill, but when we walked in at 9:30, they said they weren't seating and we'd have to get carryout. We said no thanks and went across the street to Roosevelt's. Which was good but very, very loud.

This morning I got up a little before the alarm clock went off and started getting ready for the morning's Nia class. After class Jean and I went out for lunch, then drove over to Renaissance Unity for the Nia Jam. We were about 20 minutes early, so I knit while Jean did teacher things with the other teachers. I made it all the way through the Jam although my knees were quite unhappy with me by the time we were in the home stretch.

Now I'm home and trying to figure out what to have for dinner.

In other news, the flowers are finally starting to come up. I'm looking forward to getting outside and doing some gardening, but soon I'll have to decide what to do about the chipper/shredder. (The motor burnt out last fall.) I need to get something to replace it, but I don't know what.

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Last night was Nia, and it was just me and Jean (the teacher). Jean had spent afternoon cleaning her parent's home and was doped up on Benadryl to counteract the dust she'd encountered, and I'd spent the afternoon at the eye doctor's for an annual exam. My eyes were still dilated and I had a heck of a time trying to focus on anything. So this was a case of the stoned leading the blind and OMG was it ever fun. We danced and laughed, tried not to fall over, and danced and laughed some more.
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Yesterday I brought my camera with me to the Nia Jam. In addition to having fun dancing, I got a few good photos. Some of which you can see on the scrapbook page after the cut.

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Misc. RL

Jan. 18th, 2011 03:05 pm
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I went to the doctor this morning and have to go back tomorrow. Why? Because my toes hurt and they want me to see their foot specialist. My PA thinks my feet are so flat my bones have deformed. I'm 50, my feet have been flat all my life, and I'm walking around with 246.5 pounds of weight bearing down on them. I can believe the bones are starting to warp. Pain and deformation are not going to stop me from going to Nia class tonight. I will skip Saturday's class because I'll be at a con, but I fully intend to go to the Nia Jam on Sunday. (Rhythm & Shoes Dance Studio, 2172 Franklin road, Bloomfield Hills, MI; $10 donation suggested -- come on out if you're in the area. Nia's fun and the jams are a blast.)

Two minutes ago Jebra pointed out that I'd reversed the images for wadjet-theperv and unbroken_halo. *head desk*
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Today's Veterans Day (aka Armistice Day, Remembrance Day, Poppy day) and fittingly enough I worked on my second V for Victory scarf on the drive to the Allergist and to work.

I'm not in a great mood and Hamish has a strange lump on his foreleg. I'm going to call the vet as soon as I have an idea as to when I can take him in. Right now I'm leaning toward leaving work early tomorrow or coming in late. It's difficult juggling responsibilities and other time commitments.

I've been going to bed early this week. Other than Monday night when I was watching Hoarders, I've had the tv turned off before 10 pm. Very unusual for me. Not sure if this is seasonal depression, I'm fighting off a cold, or my body is telling me it needs time to recuperate from practicing Nia. On the plus side, Tuesday's instructor (Brooke) told me I'm improving. That was good to hear.

Last Friday we went to see Gypsy at the Redford. Did not like. Did not hate as much as the theater production of Miss Saigon I saw a while back, and did not regret the $4 I spent on my ticket or the three or four hours I spent on the excursion, but that's not a movie I ever want to see again.

Saturday was renniekins' Bridal Shower followed by SEMGS.

Sunday was our 24th Wedding Anniversary. I spent the day doing laundry and helping Jebra make chili. Which I thought was the best batch he's ever made and he declared to be completely inedible. Go figure. He's happier now that he's made another batch and had it come out right. I don't know if it was the somewhat old chili powder, the two ancient bottles of beer and the remains of a Charles Shaw white we threw in, or some other factor. He thinks "my" batch tastes like it had ground twigs or leaves as one of the ingredients. I, of course, think it tastes great. Mine also has roughly twice as much chili powder, but his is, also strangely, hotter than mine.

This Saturday I have Nia, followed by (if I'm lucky) a quick trip to the Coffee Beanery for a Ravelry gathering, followed by a drive out to the office to meet my mother and two of her friends. They're going to Las Vegas for a week and we're going to store her car at our work rather than in an expensive Detroit Metro parking lot.
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Friday morning I went to the dentist and had my bite guard adjusted. Now that I'm not grinding my teeth at night, my mouth has finally stopped hurting.

Friday night we went over to Jean & Marshall's for dinner. We ate and hung out and it was all good.

My Saturday began with Nia. In the afternoon I went to the 2nd Ravelry gathering at the Coffee Beanery. This time there were six of us and we stayed for two hours talking and knitting and getting to know one another. I'll have to miss the next gathering, but I hope to make the one after it.

Saturday night we went to pre-Halloween party. I spent the party knitting rather than carving pumpkins but had a good time nevertheless.

Sunday was the FCB's Halloween concert. The music was excellent (and we recorded the concert), but my photos were, for the most part, a failure. I scrapped the best of them on the page below.

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Monday was the typical mixture of work & band practice for Jebra, and work & knitting & laundry for me. I finished the scarf I cast on Friday and am quite delighted with how well it turned out.

V for Victory scarf )
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I remembered to wear Purple today. Go me.

Yesterday was my second Nia class. It's a bitch to get to the dance studio from the office. We left at 5:00 and class is supposed to start at 5:30. I was about ten minutes late which would not have been as much of a crisis if I hadn't been the only student. The teacher was getting ready to leave just as I arrived, another minute or two and I'd have been SOL.

I survived the class. My bra, however, did not. When I got home I discovered why I couldn't refasten the clasp after class. The edge with the row of hooks had torn off. I think I need to invest in a sports bra.

I'm not feeling quite as good as I did after Saturday's Nia experience, but that was with four teachers each with a different style. Yesterday's workout was with a single teacher who was focused on legwork. My knees feel okay but the muscles are sore.

This afternoon I go to the dentist for either stage one of getting a new crown or, if worse comes to worst, the determination that a root canal is needed. Either way, I can't honestly say I'm looking forward to the visit.
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Last night we went to see Phantom of the Opera starring Lon Chaney and Mary Philbin at the Redford Theatre. It was interesting as an early example of movie-making but the best part was the musical accompaniment, performed live by Tony O'Brien.

This morning I went a Nia Jam. Other than having Jean dance for me in her living room and a few clips on youtube, I've never seen Nia danced before, let alone participated. I surprised myself by lasting the entire hour. Apparently my couch potato self isn't as out-of-shape as I thought. Not that I did great, mind you. I paid attention to my knees and didn't do anything I thought might make them painful.

After the Jam I stopped at Costco for a few groceries. The store was a zoo and they were completely out of carts, but I managed to get what I wanted sans cart and, for once, picked a fast moving checkout lane. All went well until I brought the three-pack of Soy Milk into the house. The box ripped open and I watched in dismay as one of the half gallon cartons tumbled down the basement stairs like a rectangular slinky. Amazing, that wasn't the one that broke open. No, the one that managed to stay inside the shipping carton was the one that spilled milk over the landing.


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