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Last night I watched ID's The Deadliest Decade episode Don't Ask Don't Tell:


In 1992, Allen Schindler, a young American sailor, is beaten to death in Japan. Ten days later, his body returns home, with little information from the Navy. His mother goes on a desperate quest to learn who's behind her son's vicious murder.

42 min

Premiered 01/07/2019

I'm still thinking about the episode this morning and wondered whatever happened to the accomplice (the guy who lead the attack was sentenced to life in prison). So I googled and found this. I have no idea how accurate the listing is, although my hunch is that at least 50% of the information is correct. I base this on having looked up myself on mylife. It correctly lists when I was born, where I went to high school, three of the five cities where I lived (two are missing, not mislabeled). It correctly states I'm married. It is wrong about my nicknames, ethnicity, and religion. I don't like seeing myself on the web like this but I don't want to sign up and correct my listing as I am concerned that will give them even *more* information about me. I also have a feeling this is close to one of those blackmail-like websites, saying "give us money and we will remove your listing."

Date: 2019-01-11 07:00 pm (UTC)
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That site is weird, and it has information on me that is totally not correct. But then, I know there's a Sarah Bewley who is older than me who was a nurse in Vietnam. So probably there's a mix of her and me.


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