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Mar. 7th, 2018 10:00 am
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The ride in to work this morning was as pretty as a postcard and I wished that there was a safe place to stop and take photographs. We were on the highway so that was not going to happen and I'm still sad about it. I love it when the trees and shrubs are covered with an even coating of snow but not so much the lines of their limbs are obscured.

The other thing on my mind this morning was the old episode of Steve Harvey I watched last night. Wanda Sykes was one of his guests and everything was great until they started talking about the coming election. Listening to them talk about how mismatched the Candidates were ("pitting a five star Michelin Chef against the fry cook at McDonald's") was so painful I had to stop watching.

Come to think of it, how I landed on Steve Harvey was also related to Trump. I usually bike while watching Crime Watch Daily and Dr. Phil. Phil was interviewing Anthony Scaramucci yesterday and I just couldn't take it. I lasted less than five minutes before I gave up and deleted the recording.

The weekend was pretty darn good, with SEMGS on Saturday. I proposed making a Spring White Bean Soup but [ profile] jebra looked at the recipe and declared it to be not very Spring like (Spring was the theme). He decided he'd make Stoemp which was fine by me. Considering how little was left to bring home, I'd say it was a good call. The other recipe of note was Mike's chocolate hummus. It's like a guilt-free chocolate icing perfect for putting on strawberries. I liked it so much I wondered how it would work as caking icing. I think it would do well but had no cake with which to experiment.

Sunday was also good. We slept in some, I finished the cat bed I'd started at SEMGS, filled a box with stuff to take over to St. Vincent De Paul and got it there before the donation window closed for the day, shopped around inside for a while but didn't find anything I wanted ([ profile] jebra found a couple of items he wanted for use with band), played Ingress for an hour and hit 1000 days, had my hair cut at the new shop near our house, then came home, added more cabbage slaw to the crockpot (not all of the ingredients would fit until the first half cooked down), biked for a couple hours, took a shower, put on some clean clothes, and finally had a bowl of sauerkraut for dinner. I tried making it with potatoes this time and was not impressed. They don't soak up as much of the sauerkraut flavor as I want. Next time I'm adding more cabbage as the two pounds in this batch was not enough for the likes of me.

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I had never heard of stoemp, but the recipe looks fantastic, and I think I can make it vegan without too much trouble. Let me ask--is the cream 100% necessary, or do you think I could use a cashew milk? I'd imagine I might need to reduce the amount, slightly, as it wouldn't thicken, or perhaps put in the teensiest bit of cornstarch to thicken it? (I'm assuming the ultimate goal is a thicker, creamier texture.)

Anyway, I'm intrigued, and I thank you for sharing the idea because I am always looking for new ways to eat vegetables, and I'm not particularly familiar with how to prepare leeks. :-)
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Date: 2018-03-08 02:55 am (UTC)
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From: [personal profile] wpadmirer
I'm sticking to a lot of sports these days, when it comes to tv.


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