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In the hope of making 2017 better, I'm using a new kit to create this year's project pages. The one I selected is called Bohemian Breeze and you can see thumbnails for each of the designer's work below.

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The designers, in alphabetical order, are:

Robin Ackler (Robin's Kozy Scrap Korner (RKSK))
Ania Archer (Sunshine Inspired Designs)
Beth Bayer (Dezines2Amaze)
Rene Blooms
Betsy Bush (Dragonfire Graphics/Words Meet Art)
Tina Campanale (BitsO'Scrap)
Tasanee Campbell (Arizona Girl)
Marcie Coate
Macela Cocco (Carioca Digital Scrapbook)
Carla Cooper (Coop's Custom Creations)
Joyce Crosby (Joys Creations)
Erin Crouch (Erin Crouch Studio)
Chitra David
Trudette De Jongh
Karry Dempsey
Robyn Denton (Dancing Tiger Designs)
Cintia Dhariana (Dhariana Scraps)
Dorine Didou
Jessica Dunn (Antebellum Design House)
Liza Guitte
Patricia Hardin (Scrapping Dax)
Diane Hiller (DiHiller Designs)
Brenda Hollingsworth
Violet Irisovna (Scrumptiously)
Sally Johns (Winged Heart Ohio)
Andrea Kostelic (Dea's designs)
Sherry Lauren (Creative Mind Studio)
Kim Legerdemain (Leger's Scraps)
Marisa Lerin
Elizabeth Minkcus
Megan Pawlik (Fuzzie Pixel)
Dawn Prater (Oklahoma Dawn)
Sheila Reid
Katherine Rose
Andene Sailors
Janet Scott
Debbie Sharman (My Oh My)
Darcie Smith (Darcie Deann Designs)
Phyllis Storm (Designed by Magnolia)
Pauline Thompson (Dreamin4ever Designs)
Kayl Turesson (KaylT)
Melo Vrijhof
Kappy Walker
Kathryn White (reserving spot)
Bonnie Why (Scrap In Pixels)
Holly Wolf (Rene Holly Klein (Captured Zen Photography)
Paddy Wolf
Soro Xsera (Soro Scraps)
Katherine White (WhiteHall Designs)

For more information, including links to the artists' blogs, visit this page on


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