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I set the recording for Bull after seeing the commercial announcing the new show (and recognizing the title character about half way through ("Hey! That's Michael Weatherly!). Last night I was in the mood to try the series and fired up the first episode. Which was good but which also confused me. I mean, the entire thing made sense up until the mom is arrested at the end of the episode. I went back to the beginning and fast-forwarded to the parts I thought were significant and re-watched them, but I'm still confused. I get that the necklace she took out of her jewelry box was the one the mom's grandmother gave to her (the mom), and that the murdered girl borrowed it, but how on earth did Dr. Bull know she was the killer or know she'd have possession of the necklace? Now that I'm thinking about it, I'm also not sure why she killed the girl in the first place. Because she wanted her daughter to marry the boy on trial for the killing and she thought the girl was interfering with that? Also, who was the guy in the mom's bedroom just before the cops arrived? The boy's father or her own husband?


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